Selective Processing
At SZ Metals, we have metallurgical specialists and material engineers well understand end-products desired by customers for various applications in the specifications justified on mechanical properties of exotic metals including yield strength, tensile strength, elongation, reduction in area, bend ductility, impact strength, hardness, fatigue strength, creep, and elevated temperature properties. Therefore, fabrication methods are selected to meet different requirement by controlling heat variations, melting techniques and interstitial content of the metal etc.

Assistance to product development / outsourcing
SZ team consists of engineers, capable of generating designs (via modeling or drawing) for machining based on data given by customers, and project teams including manager, coordinator, merchandiser and Q.C. professional responding to bulk orders in responsible and effective manners.
Regardless quantity, large or small, every inquiry or order will be replied with upmost efforts here. Please feel free to consult us any time.

As stockiest and manufacturer, various types ofquality materials can be found in our inventory house, which also facilitates us to arrange instant machining and ship out goods to answer urgent need. A good knowledge of resource distribution and human connection also allows us to collect rare spot goods within limited time.
For some complicated case, the production might take longer time in consideration of quality management, but a tangible production schedule will be prepared upon order and delivery term also flexible to meet customer demand.
Confidentiality Commitment: As for any drawing or sample designed by our customer, patented or not, SZ Metals will not leak out to a third party. If necessary, detailed appendix of an agreement in the regard can be signed accordingly. Any technical documents developed by one customer here have not been and will not be used for another.

SZ Metals is keen to play a role in progressing processing technologies and management expertise with all kinds of resources it can maneuver. As SZ Metals understands domestic technologies in processing materials and machining finishes, our procurement for foreign customers mainly focuses on medical implants (all with ISO 13485:2003 quality management system) and MTB frames on the domestic market. All our efforts in such commission aim to ensure the whole process to be transparent and mutually beneficial. Long-term cooperation is appreciated and for SZ Metals, the best policy.
SZ Metals seeks mineral resources such as copper and so on overseas for our domestic partners in ways that follows national laws and regulation as well as environmental procedures.