Company Profile


Based on Sheng Zhe Metals Co., Ltd. that set up its own inventory and factory in Baoji in 2008, SZ Metals International Co., Ltd. was established to meet growing demand from customers on metal products.

As manufacturer of the semi-finish products, SZ Metals has turned out quality materials through its improving processing methods under control of ISO 9001:2008 Quality System. A wide range of titanium materials and other exotic metals in various forms are available at SZ Metals, covering usage for medical, chemical, bicycle components, electroplating, oil and gas extraction industries, power plant, water treatment and other civil fields.

As stockiest and trader of metals and machining parts, SZ Metals International has a broad knowledge of procurement on exotic metal products and considerable resources across domestic market through years of experience. At SZ Metals, the teamwork involving efforts of our engineers, purchasing stuffs, project manager and merchandisers have made tailored service possible to customers in the need of product development or outsourcing at least cost but in good quality.

SZ Metals deeply believes, the dedication and passion we have towards our business every day lie in trust and better quality we gain each time when communicate with every customer. Therefore, any inquiry and requirement will be valued and replied with our upmost efforts and open and supportive manners.

Welcome to let us assist you succeed in business!